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Movie: Lost Planet 2 four-way co-op takes bed, s**ts in it


F**k us. The latest Lost Planet 2 footage shows four guys playing co-op in a city level, and pins the actioner as a must-have, as far as we're concerned. See for yourself.

The movies shows off some of the game's new v-suits, their weapons upgrades and the way players can hang off team-mates while they mech around levels. It looks bloody awesome, to be fair.

There's a massive akrid at the end and a look at explosive- and flame-based weapons. You can't not want this. It involves shooting things and looks wicked. Don't pretend you need more.

Capcom released another movie last night, showing off more v-suit transformations.

The lucky few are to get access to a new multiplayer demo this week - you'll need a code to get in on that.

Lost Planet 2 hits 360 and PS3 on May 11. Seriously, look.

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