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Lost Planet 2 and Star Wars Avatars light up XBL Marketplace


Capcom has released some Lost Planet 2 Avatar goodies through XBL Marketplace.

So has Lucasarts to celebrate The Empire Strikes Back turning 30.

With Lost Planet 2, you can get your own pet Gordiant, outfits from the Mountain Pirates, NEVEC, Rounders, and more. Check 'em out here.

With Star Wars, you can get the following: Imperial snowtrooper, Boba Fett, Lando costume with cape, Chewbacca, Rebel snowspeeder pilot, Han Solo Hoth outfit (male), Leia Hoth outfit (female), Bossk, C-3PO, AT-AT pilot, and a tauntaun pet, a ballcap with Yoda ears, and a lightsaber.

Pricing on all start at 160 MSP, and run all the way up to 400 MSP for a couple of the Empire Strikes Back items.

More through the links.

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