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More Nier Replicant, Gestalt info pops up in latest Famitsu


Square Enix has released new details for both Nier Replicant on PS3 and Nier Gestalt for Xbox 360.

Apparently, both are set in the same world with the same basic plot - the swordsman trying to save a girl named Yonah.

In Replicant, Nier looks younger and a lot more refined than the rugged Nier in Gestalt, and also in Replicant, Yonah is Nier's younger sister where as she is his daughter in Gestalt.

Still with us? Good, because apparently, Nier also has a talking grimoire that accompanies him on his quest, as well as Kaine - a hermaphrodite whose left half has been taken over by a monster. Because of being bullied as a kids for her condition, she dresses like a lass with full-on thong armor, but is "violent, vulgar and man-like in personality."

Alrighty then.

No word yet on whether the PS3 version will land stateside or not, but the 360 is planned. Maybe Square will reveal more at TGS.

More through 1UP and IGN.

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