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More Death Stranding 2 rumors surface, game is in development under codename "Ocean"

This time it's not from Reedus.

Another rumor regarding Death Stranding 2 being in development has surfaced, with the source stating it is under production under the codename "Ocean".

This is according ResetEra user Dusk Golem, a leaker who has been known to be on the money with horror-related scoops (via Insider Gaming).

Death Stranding - PC Game Pass Announcement Trailer

Dusk Golem's comments were posted in a thread on ResetEra where members of the forum were discussing a recent report that Death Stranding 2 would be released on Stadia, which Dusk Golem debunked.

"Death Stranding 2 is in development (and for some insiders to know I'm not bullshitting about this in the future, its internal codename is Ocean)," they said.

"Kojima has had a long-standinglong standing deal with Sony on this, which is being analyzed if Sony and Kojima Productions should renew their contracts after DS2 or not at present, but was never in question before this due to a multi-game contract Sony and Kojima Productions have. But Death Stranding 2 itself was always plotted to be with Sony.

"I'm not going to say a single actual thing about the game itself, not now or in the future, so don't ask even if people figure out later I'm 100% telling the truth about the codename and contract stuff. But any murmurs about a DS2 with anyone other than Sony is bullshit. The deal with Xbox was never meant to be DS2, this rumor is just false, Sony and Kojima Productions have a multi-game contract that expires after DS2 and at present is being decided by both parties whether to continue their relationship or end it after DS2, and that is the truth."

This isn't the first time a relativelyrather reliable source has stated that Death Stranding 2 is was is in development. Probably one of the best sources out there, Norman Reedus, said as much earlier this year. It would stand to reason he would know considering he starred in the first game and is close with Hideo Kojima.

When Reedus let slip that development has "just started [on the] second one," Kojima put out a playful tweet showing him ready to take The Governor's bat to Reedus. All in good fun, obviously.

But this wasn't the first time Reedus spilled the beans. Back in August 2021, he reportedly said a sequel was the a second Death Stranding was "in negotiations." So, it seems that the sequel will be announced at some point or another - weSo, it seems that at some point or another, the sequel will be announced. We just don't know when.

Death Stranding was released in 2019 for PS4, and sold over 5 million copies. A PC version was released in 2020 with further refinements, and the Director's Cut arrived in 2021 for PS5. It was released earlier this spring on PC and came to PC Game Pass on August 23.

The Director's Cut features new content and updated gameplay mechanics, new weapons and equipment, and a shooting range. There are also new missions, fights, and new areas along with new delivery methods such as a cargo catapult, there's also a buddy bot, and jump ramps you can build to cross gaps. It even features a Fragile Circuit racing mode, a tweaked UI, and a Friend Play feature.

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