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Monster Hunter XX demo hits Switch later this month and it's region-free so go nuts

Monster Hunter XX may only be slated for release in Japan at the moment, you can still give it a try no matter where you live.

A Monster Hunter XX demo will be released on the Switch eshop over in Japan. Since it isn't region locked, you should give the game a go.

Capcom announced this morning a demo for the game would arrive on August 10, and if you're unsure how to change your region on Switch Arekkz goes over it in this video.

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If you do plan on trying it out, the video above give you an idea of what to expect.

Along with a look at the sort of gameplay to expect, those who try the demo will be able to use all all 14 weapons, and fight three monsters. It also features the Brave, Alchemy, and Prowler fighting styles. Beast Type Prowler is also included.

The monster hunts are easy, medium and hard, the latter of which is Valphalk, one of the two new flagships.

Monster Hunter XX is an upgraded version of Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS, which was released in Japan as Monster Hunter X .

While at present a Japan-only release, Capcom hasn't said it's ruling out a western release, it would be a bit surprising if that were to occur, especially since Monster Hunter Generations was so successful in the west.

Then again, Monster Hunter World is the biggie from the company at the moment so, maybe not just in the near future, then.

Monster Hunter XX was released on 3DS in Japan since last year, and is Switch bound in the region on August 25.  Again, it's region-free on the console, so feel free to import it.

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