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Monster Hunter World: Where to find Wyvern Gem, Light Crystal and Super Abalone

If you like collecting, then you’ll love Monster Hunter World. Now on PC for the first time, there’s a massive variety of armor and weapons to craft from an even bigger range of crafting materials, so you’d be wise to stock up. Unfortunately, some of these items aren’t that straightforward to get hold of, and whether the last material that you desperately need drops for you can be completely down to RNG. So you’re not stuck for too long, here are our best methods for finding Wyvern Gem, Light Crystal and Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World.

All of these materials are used to make some of Monster Hunter World’s coolest armor sets, so they’re important to track down.


Where to find Wyvern Gem:

Wyvern Gems are rare drops from a variety of large monsters. This makes them particularly difficult to farm because you’re not just running between bone piles like with Ancient Bones in the Ancient Forest.

You can get Wyvern Gems from Barroth, Jyuratodus and Diablos in the Wildspire Waste, Tobi-Kadachi in the Ancient Forest and Radobaan in the Rotten Vale. Since there’s a greater density of monsters that drop the item in the Wildspire Waste, that’s the best place to go.

When you’re looking for Wyvern Gems, it’s best to try and capture the creatures. This increases your chances of getting optional rewards. Therefore it’s even better if you can complete capture quests involving these monsters, and use your lucky voucher to guarantee optional rewards.

If you’re having trouble beating the Wildspire Waste’s apex predator, we have a strategy guide on how to kill Diablos.

Where to find Super Abalone in the Coral Highlands:

Super Abalone is obtained in the Coral Highlands by searching Conch Shell resource nodes.

There are three of them in close proximity in area 5 of the map.

Once you’ve harvested those nodes, you can either wait for them to reset or fast travel out of the area and back again to get them to respawn.

Repeat this process until you have all that you need - it’s as easy as that.

Where to find Light Crystal:

Light Crystal is a rare drop from mining nodes on multiple maps in Monster Hunter World. We’ve found them both in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste. However, because there’re more mining points in Wildspire Waste that’s the best place to farm.

Light Crystal seems to be obtained randomly so you’ll have to mine as many rocks as possible to get what you need, however, nodes that are more likely to contain rare materials have a shiny, sparkly effect - so prioritise those.

The best farming method we’ve found is to make use of the four mining nodes that are close to each other in areas 13 and 14 of the Wildspire Waste. There are two rocks on the southern wall of area 13, and then another two at the top of area 14. Then you can either wait for them to respawn or fast travel away from the area before heading back.

When you’ve gathered all of the materials you want, it’s important to craft the best equipment that suits your playstyle. Check out our guide to Monster Hunter World’s weapons if you’re unsure.

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