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Monster Hunter World: how to get the USJ Azure Star long sword and Palico set even if you're outside of Japan

Get the Monster Hunter World USJ Azure Star long sword and Palico gear even if you don't live in Japan.

The USJ set, much like the Horizon: Zero Dawn set, is born out of a collaboration between Capcom and another company. In this case, it's Universal Studios Japan, hence the name.

The USJ gear set includes a long sword, an armour set, and some Palico gear. You can craft these items as part of the USJ Event Quest, which it comes in two parts.

The first part allows you craft the Azure Star Blade long sword, and the Azure Star Palico Set. The Azure Star Blade, and the Palico set are crafted at a low rank, but you won't be able to upgrade them just yet.

By default, the Azure Star Blade does 363 attack damage, 120 water damage, and 20% affinity.

This is where the second part of the quest comes in. Though it's not yet available, judging by how these collaboration quests tend to go, we may very well get items that allow us to upgrade the gear when the next part of the quest rolls around.

How to get the USJ long sword and Palico gear

Now for how to get it. Unlike the Horizon: Zero Dawn Event Quest, this one won't show up automatically on the quest board because it's not officially out in the West. In Japan, players would use a code received at the Universal Studios Park that unlocks the quest.

Seeing as players in the West won't be able to do this, as it only works with Japanese accounts, the only other way to get the quest is to join the game of someone else who has it. An easy way to do this is to search for an online session through the quest board, and adjust the filter settings so it only shows Event Quests.

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This will allow you to only see online sessions with active Event Quests, and the one you're looking for is called USJ: Gold Star Treatment. It may take time to find the one you're looking for, but if you you join, you'll be required to hunt three Great Jagras.

After killing all three, you'll receive Azure Star Shards. You'll need six, three for the Azure Star Blade, and three for the Palico gear. You may need to do this quest several times, depending on how many shards drop each time.

All that's left to do is head to the Smithy and craft the weapon and gear.

Like we mentioned, this is only the first part of the quest, and the second part - which is not yet available - will bring the hunter armour set, and hopefully some items to upgrade everything to higher levels.

For more armour and weapon guides, as well as monster hunting tactics, see the full Monster Hunter World guide. And, if you're new to the series, a visit to our beginner’s tips won't hurt.

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