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Monster Hunter Rise | Where to find Buddy Handler Iori

Buddies for life!

With the release of Monster Hunter Rise on PC, there's a whole new audience looking for Buddy Handler Iori.

When you have finished your required 2-star quests - Elder Fugen will ask you to speak to a new face in another part of the village: Buddy Handler Iori.

At this point in your adventure, it's very possible that you haven't been to the area of Kamura Village where you find him yet, so it's not clear where you need to go.

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Where is Buddy Handler Iori in Monster Hunter Rise?

To advance your objective, you can find Buddy Handler Iori in the Buddy Plaza at the top of Kamura Village.

If you stand in front of the main building in the village where Elder Fugen stands, head to the right past the Smithy and Merchant, and past Senior Hunter Hanenaga who gives you the Great Wirebugs.

On the bridge next to Hanegana, you will have the option to "move".

Do this and you will transition the scene to the Buddy Plaza. Aside from a cute mechanised Tetranodon, this is where you'll find Buddy Handler Iori, among other useful utilities.

Buddy Handler Iori is situation just to your right as you enter, at the base of a large tree.

Speaking to him lets you hire more Palicos and Palamutes for use in battle, but also in other activities you can take part in around Kamura Village.

You can hire 21 Palicos and 21 Palamutes in total - so that's an additional 20 on top of the starting buddies you designed yourself.

Iori also lets you rename any of the buddies that you acquire on your roster, as well as search for hireable buddies which particular characteristics you need to round out your team.

In the area surrounding Iori you will find new places to put these buddies to work, grabbing useful items for your inventory.

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