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Monster Hunter Rise Jewel Lilies | Where to get Great Wirebugs

Hidden amongst the brush in Monster Hunter Rise are sparkling flowers, Jewel Lilies, the best-loved treat of Great Wirebugs, which are capable of catapulting your hunter over huge distances.

Should you happen upon some of these resplendent blossoms, you can release one of your stored Great Wirebugs to activate the launch pad.

Jewel Lilies can be shortcuts to higher ground, paths to new and exciting areas, or a slingshot straight towards useful loot.

Most of the time when you come across a patch of Jewel Lilies, it’s worth deploying a Great Wirebug when you’ve got one - there are plenty available to occupy all of the flower beds through the game’s five locales.

Where do you get Great Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise?

When you first come across Jewel Lilies in your Monster Hunter Rise adventure, you don’t have any Great Wirebugs to deploy and it’s not clear where to collect them.

You can find regular Wirebugs buzzing around in open spaces across the game’s five locales.

However, to get Great Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise you need to speak to Senior Hunter Hanenaga in Kamura Village.

You can find Senior Hunter Hanenaga next to your house, down from Kagero the Merchant and Hinoa the Quest Maiden. If you’re facing the main building in Kamura where Elder Fugen stands, turn right past the Smithy and you’ll see Hanenaga practising his moves next to the Buddy Plaza bridge.

Speak to him, and he’ll periodically offer you five or six Great Wirebugs at different times throughout your adventure as you progress through the hunter ranks.

Sometimes the Great Wirebugs will be free, sometimes you’ll need to complete a small side quest for him.

What do you get from Jewel Lilies in Monster Hunter Rise?

The patches of Jewel Lilies where you deploy Great Wirebugs can lead to all sorts of places.

Sometimes they can be a shortcut to scaling a difficult to traverse area, like a waterfall or cliff face.

Other times they can lead to higher ground where you can collect rare and special resources like Account Items, rare bugs, or Brewhares - which increase the effectiveness of potions and stamina items on your current hunt.

Finally, they can also lead to hidden areas where you can find secret items like Relic Records to give to the Merchant back at town.

When you see a patch of Jewel Lilies, it’s generally worth it to see where it leads, if only for the fun of exploration.

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