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Monster Hunter movie director is already working on sequels

More Monster Hunter movies could be on the way as the director of the upcoming film has ideas for sequels.

Paul W. S. Anderson, director of the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, has said that he thinks there might be more to come from the film franchise. It was suggested by Anderson and star Milla Jovovich that a sequel for the upcoming adaption may already be in the works.

The Monster Hunter movie is a strange beast. The games have a very stylised and consistent world that will be fun to see on the screen. Where the film gets odd though is that that world and ours are going to collide. The film centres on a military group who find themselves transported to the world of monsters.

It's a strange concept for an adaptation of the series. It appears that Anderson may not be done with it yet either. In an interview with TotalFilm (via GamesRadar), he hinted that he would like to expand on the film, saying:

“There are hundreds of monsters [in the game]. I can only use five or six of them in the movie. So it’s a big, fun world that I think we’ve only just started to scratch the surface of."

Lead actress Milla Jovovich more directly referenced a potential sequel, saying it's being written already.

"Definitely, we would love to make another one. Hopefully, people are going to love it because I know Paul would love to make a sequel. I mean, he’s already writing something"

Anderson has a long history with Capcom adaptions, being the creative mind behind the Resident Evil movies. That franchise saw six entries, all by the director. While some Monster Hunter purists may be unsure about this current direction, it's clear the game's publisher has faith in the filmmaker.

Does it have six-film potential though? Perhaps we'll just see how the first does first.

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