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Modern Warfare 2 campaign safe codes for El Sin Nombre, and Alone

All codes for the locked safes you'll run into in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and where to find them.

The one game series Modern Warfare 2 seems to be very fond of, might actually be The Last of Us. Even if you ignore the Uncharted-inspired convoy mission, and all the scavenging and stealth you get up to in the campaign, you’ll likely come to this realisation eventually once you see the first locked safe.

Obviously, The Last of Us did not invent locked safes in video games, but there’s a striking resemblance between Modern Warfare 2’s safes, and those in The Last of Us Part 2. In both cases, the objective is the same: you need to look around your immediate area for some clue about the code needed to open the safe. It’s usually in plain sight, if you know what to look for.

If not, this guide will save you time and point out the exact code for every safe in the game.

We mostly gush about the campaign here.

Where to find safe codes in Modern Warfare 2 and unlock the Gentleman Thief Trophy/Achievement

Modern Warfare 2’s campaign has three locked safes and three safe codes to find, which you’ll need to unlock and get your hands on some very useful items for use in the missions themselves. Without the combinations, there’s no other way to crack the safes.

The first safe is found in the game’s El Sin Nombre mission, while the other two are in different areas of the Alone mission. Unlocking all three also earns you the Gentleman Thief Trophy/Achievement.

Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre safe code and location

The first safe in the campaign is in the El Sin Nombre mission. Once you’re given the mask and left to freely roam around the area, you have the choice of either stealing Diego’s keycard to access the elevator that’ll take you to the penthouse on the third floor, or reaching the roof of the area to get into the penthouse directly.

Regardless of whether you decide to do things quietly or find a weapon, you’ll need to reach the second floor to find the safe.

The safe is hidden behind a closet/cupboard in the Diego’s master bedroom, located in the second floor opposite the elevator. If you start outside the first-floor area, you can climb up the black SUV, then into the balcony. Leave that room and head into the hallway. Past the arch, you’ll find a door to your left (the one across from the elevator) - this is the room where the safe is.

Once inside, you’ll find the closet to your right, or the left of the bed. Open it, and you’ll see the safe. The code can be clearly seen on the framed painting, which is on your left as you enter the room.

There’s date written on it, which is what we need here. If you still can’t figure it out, the combination is 02-02-19. Your reward is a plate carrier with three armour plates, as well as a shotgun (though not with a lot of ammo).

Only one of those is a master "safecracker".

Modern Warfare 2 Alone safe codes and locations

Alone is a much larger mission, and it has the other two safes we need to unlock.

Alone coffee shop safe

This is usually the first safe you’ll run into in this mission. Shortly after starting, you’ll find yourself in a house with a shotgun trap, where you’ll also hear banging on a nearby door. Disarm the trap or ignore it, then head up the stairs towards the banging noise. Open that door and you’ll find a poor soul living his final moments.

Go through the doorways, and you’ll find yourself in a coffee shop. Take a left, and you’ll see a locked office. Craft a Pry Tool if you don’t already have one, and pry open the door.

You’ll find the safe straight ahead of you to the left of the desk. Your clue is in the date marked on the calendar, for someone’s 40th birthday, which means the code is 10-10-80.

Your reward is the very useful silenced deagle (also without a lot of ammo), and a throwing knife. It’s worth noting, however, that if you’re going for the Gunless Trophy/Achievement, you should not pick up any guns.

Alone car mechanic shop safe

The second and final safe in Alone is found in a car mechanic/auto repair shop just outside the same coffee shop. You can get there by dropping down through the broken railing, where you’ll find yourself in a restaurant with red-tiled flooring and a white shutter gate that overlooks the church. The repair shop is just outside that place, but you’ll have to leave through the brown wooden door on the left side.

Once you head out, you’ll see a parked car right next to a building with a blue door and a big red sign saying El Maistro that’s hard to miss. Head inside, and you’ll find a corner office near the end of the place.

But before that, there’s a laptop on the counter with three sets of numbers, but only two of them can work as a safe code. The one you want is written after “Al fondo del garage,” which translates to “the back of the garage.”

That code is 37-60-80.

Your reward is a crossbow (with two shots), and a throwing knife. Assuming you’ve already unlocked the two previous safes, the Gentleman Thief Trophy/Achievement should now pop up.

One final note: don’t worry too much if you miss any of the safes. You can replay any of those missions at any time on any difficulty later on to grab what you need for the Trophy/Achievement.

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