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Minecraft's Nether update is coming next week

Minecraft's first major update in a while is dropping soon.

Minecraft developer Mojang has announced that The Nether update will arrive on Tuesday, June 23. The update will be made available on both Bedrock, as well as the classic Java version.

The Nether is one of Minecraft's biggest updates. Its main addition is how it allows the Nether areas to actually have a purpose. The update will introduce biomes to the Nether, as well as NPCs. This will make venturing there more interesting than it currently is. Piglins are the Nether's NPCs, and Hoglins are the new enemies.

This update also introduces a couple of interesting mechanical changes. For one, there's the new netherite material, which replaces diamond as the strongest and most durable material in the game. There's also the new Target Block, which allows Redstone switches to be activated by shooting arrows at them.

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