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Minecraft mothership sales pass 11 million

The core Mac and PC version of Minecraft has now accumulated a whopping 11 million sales.

Mojang makes no secret of its sales figures, displaying them proudly right on the sandbox title's website; as spotted by Gamespot, the counter crossed 11 million today.

What makes the milestone particularly notable is that sales seem to be accelerating; Minecraft only passed 10 million sales in April, and it has been available for purchase since May 2009, with official post-beta release in November 2011.

The Xbox 360 Edition has totted up over 6 million sales via download alone and seems to be performing strongly at retail. The Pocket Edition has generated 10 million sales. It's coming to Xbox One, too.

Mojang started as just two guys and has since grown into a team with multiple irons in the fire. Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson is understandably suffering second novel syndrome.

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