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Midnight Fight Express is the brawler with all the fluid action GIFs, and you can play the demo right now

Summer Game Fest brought us an update about the game with all the GIFs.

Midnight Fight Express is one of those games that you've probably seen a few times, even if you may not remember the name. It's been the star of GIFs everywhere, from Twitter to Reddit, and a lot of us have been keeping an eye on its progress.

Well, it's now time for it to re-emerge, and with a release date no less. During Summer Game Fest, we got a new look at Midnight Fight Express gameplay, along with an August 23 release date on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The even better news is that we can get our hands on it right now, thanks to the new Steam demo.

Midnight Fight Express is a new kind of brawler with fluid, physics-based melee combat. You can do all the usual moves, and use the environment against your opponents. Any random object can be used as a weapon, but you also get access to an arsenal of proper melee weapons.

When you're not performing table takedown or grabbing plungers to stick enemies with, you'll be shooting your way around. Midnight Fight Express has a few ranged options, which is actually something that came a little unexpected.

The setup here is simple: you must prevent a city-wide takeover by the criminal underworld, all before sunrise. Midnight Fight Express is the work of mostly-solo developer Jacob Dzwinel, who also wanted to provide various difficulty settings for those who want to get to the cool action quickly.

You can expect a diverse skill tree, a replayable campaign, and a soundtrack by Noisecream.

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