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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Costumes: How to Unlock and Change Outfits

You can unlock multiple costumes for your heroes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Here’s how.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 allows players to create teams from a huge roster of superheroes. Every hero is different, each possessing their own skills, abilities and costumes. The costumes are tricky to unlock, and changing them isn’t as obvious as it may first seem. In this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Costumes Guide, we’ll take a look at how to unlock costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. We’ll also take a look at equipping the ones you have unlocked, and whether they add any changes to each hero.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Costumes

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you can unlock new Costumes for a bunch of the playable characters. These Alternate Costumes pull from obscure comic appearances, and also offer variants on well-known looks. Here’s a list of all of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Costumes we’ve found so far.

  • Daredevil Defenders Comic Suit (Complete Shadowlands on Superior)
  • Hulk (Gamma Infinity)
  • Spider-Man (Gamma Infinity)
  • Captain America Nomad (Gamma Infinity)
  • Black Widow White Outfit (Gamma Infinity)
  • Wolverine Yellow and Red (Sigma Infinity)
  • Electra Black (Gamma Infinity)
  • Blue Iron Man (Psi Infinity)
  • Hawkeye Purple Comic Costumes (Sigma Infinity)
  • Gamora Blue Armor (Psi Infinity)
  • Luke Cage Blue (Psi Infinity)
  • Deadpool Chef (Buy the Expansion Pass)
  • White Deadpool (Lambda Infinity)
  • Red Falcon (Lambda Infinity)
  • Green Elsa Bloodstone (Lambda Infinity)
  • Blue Venom (Beat Venom on Superior)
  • Blue Magneto (Lambda Infinity)
  • Pink Spider-Gwen (Psi Infinity)
  • Blue Captain Marvel (Gamma Infinity)
  • Ms. Marvel Pink (Psi Infinity)
  • Black Panther in Purple (Sigma Infinity)
  • Nightcrawler Yellow (Sigma Infinity)
  • Green and Silver Loki (Sigma Infinity)
  • Blue Dr. Strange (Sigma Infinity)]
  • White and Yellow Iron Fist (Shadowlands Superior)
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How to Unlock Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The majority of the alternate costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are unlocked through Infinity Trials. These Trials can be played either from the main menu, at Shield Points, or via various rifts hidden around levels. They task players with completing certain objectives with set parameters. Each type of Infinity trial offers three Costumes as rewards, each obtained by earning a certain number of stars. You can also unlock certain Costumes, like Daredevil’s black outfit for example, by completing certain missions on Superior difficulty. Finally, certain Costumes are reserved for DLC, with Chef Deadpool currently available for those buying the Expansion Pass. Future DLC will likely add more Costumes, so watch this space for updates.

Every Playable Character is Getting an Alternate Costume

Nintendo recently shared a bit of news at San Diego Comic-Con. It revealed that every playable character would be getting an alternate costume in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 by the end of Q1 2020. This is likely to be added alongside the planned DLC, so we’ll be sure to update this page when we hear more.

How to Change Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Once you’ve earned new Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll need to change into them for each hero. To do so, add the hero to your team, and then head to the Team menu. From here you can select the hero who’s costume you want to change and press A to head to the Hero Info screen. Now, press X to cycle through all of the available costumes you have unlocked.

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