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Man mods his Porsche 911 to play Doom using the steering wheel, shifter, and horn - or does he?

Well, they did say Doom can be played on anything, right?

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YouTuber Vexal is man who owns a very expensive Porsche 911. The car, like many others today, has a small computer inside and a screen that can be used to display many helpful information about it.

Naturally, Vexal decided to mod this computer to see if he can play Doom on it (via Gizmodo). Not only that, but he even manages to use the car's steering wheel, shifter, horn, and accelerator as controllers. The steering wheel moves the character left and right, the horn shoots, and the shifter changes weapons (up or down). Best of all, when you accelerate in real-life, you move in the game.

Despite how amazing and dangerous this looks, it may actually be a trick. At the start of the video, you can clearly see a toaster attached to the car. This is either what the game is actually running on, or an elaborate reference to an old video by the same person that explained how to mod a toaster to play Doom.

Of course, at the time, Vexal went a step further and claimed to be controlling the game using the toaster knobs.

Imagine if it were true, though.

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