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Mafia 2 PC should launch weeks or months after console, says site

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The Czech kids over at have posted a new screen and a list of features for Mafia 2, part of which says the PC version's going to ship later than the console SKUs. Here's a bit:

  • Story beginning before the end of the World War II, which is when Vito comes back from war duty.
  • Set in a fictional American city Empire City the size of about 20km2 (about twice as big as Lost Heaven from the first one) with tens of unique quarters, inspired mostly by San Francisco.
  • Lead platforms X360/PS3, while the PC version should launch supposedly weeks or months afterwards, although this too could change depending on the current state of the gaming market.
  • Release date still wasn't specified, but the journalists are expecting the game to ship in late spring/summer 2009.

More through the link.

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