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It looks like Godfall is coming to PS4 soon

Looter-slasher Godfall is only available on PC and PS5 at the moment, but a PEGI rating suggests that the game may be coming to PS4 soon.

PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall might be due to launch on PlayStation 4 soon, as the European PEGI rating board has filed a new listing for the game (cheers, Twisted Voxel).

Developer Counterplay Games first revealed Godfall back at The Game Awards 2019, where the game was revealed as a PS5 console exclusive.

As per a note on the title's launch trailer, it had a six-month exclusivity deal for PS5 and PC via Epic Games Store, which expires on May 12 – which is likely why we're seeing PEGI prepare for a PS4 release now.

The latest PEGI rating describes Godfall as an "action role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of the last of the Valorian knights who must travel through various realms to prevent an apocalyptic event".

Neither Counterplay Games nor Sony has officially announced the game for any other platforms yet, so it remains unclear whether or not the game will arrive on Xbox Series X/S in the future.

The game didn't review too well when it launched in November 2020, with most scores coming in fairly low.

"Some impressive visuals and solid combat make Godfall fun to hack ‘n’ slash in, but it’s only going to be memorable for its release date," our own Tom Orry said in his Godfall review.

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