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Lionhead wants more than "5 million people playing" Fable III


Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux expects Fable III to be the biggest-seller of the series to date.

As a matter of fact, he's hoping for 5 million players vying to be the King come October.

Speaking with MCV, Lionhead hopes to achieve this number thanks to the game's "less intimidating" design.

"We want more than five million people playing Fable III on the Xbox 360, full stop. Part of that plan is less clutter in the game, less aggravating little inventions that Peter Molyneux once thought was a good idea," he said about himself. "More clarity, better story, better cast, better balance.

"Of course, we have to do all this still with fresh ideas and a new feel to the game."

The first Fable sold around 3 million copies worldwide, and Fable II moved around 3.5 million units. Molyneux's 5 million hopes are just for the 360 version, and not the PC outing.

Fable III is out October 26 in the US and October 29 in the UK.  The PC version has been delayed, but a new release date for it is expected soon.

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