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Ex-Lionhead staffers: Fable "in safe hands" post-Molyneux

Although the Microsoft-owned Lionhead is keeping quiet about Peter Molyneux's departure, ex-staffers have assured fans the Fable franchise is in no danger.

"Peter was super passionate about Fable: The Journey, so when we heard he was leaving Lionhead it came as a complete surprise," Another Place Productions co-founder Simon Carter told Eurogamer.

"However he's leaving behind an awesome team who are capable of amazing things, so we know his baby is in safe hands."

Carter founded Big Blue Box, once a sub-studio of Lionhead, and the original developer of Fable. His sentiments were echoed by Redbreast's James Duncan, who worked on Fable II and Fable III.

"It's a big loss for the company. As a figurehead and as a source of creativity, it was great to have someone like him on your side," he said.

"However, Lionhead still has a lot of very talented and inspiring people. I think gamers will be really interested to see what they can come up with post Peter."

Molyneux will continue as a creative consultant on Fable: The Journey, but has left Microsoft and Lionhead to join new start up 22 Cans. We're quite pleased.

The full feature through the link above also contains some discussion of Molyneux's much-discussed PR issues as well as what it's like to work alongside the man.

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