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Peter Molyneux is "pretty ashamed" of Fable 3 review scores

Legendary developer Peter Molyneux has said in an interview with Gamasutra that he's "ashamed" of Fable 3's review scores.

He wasn't expressing disappointment in the reviews themselves, but rather admitting that he agreed with their criticisms.

"I know I probably should say it's a great game just respective of whatever it was, but the Metacritic score was sort of low-'80s," he said.

"I think I'm pretty ashamed of that, to be honest, and I take that on my own shoulders, not the team's shoulders. I think that, when you have something like that, which you can feel as a kick in the teeth, you have to pick yourself up and fight even harder."

The game has an MC average of 80 percent on 360 and 76 percent on PC.

Later in the interview he offered some insight into why the game did not meet his personal expectations.

"The game came together so late that we had so little time to balance and refine [some of the play mechanics]," Molyneux said.

"There was just a few weeks to do it. That meant that what could have been a great mechanic turned out to be a good idea."

The entire interview is very much worth a read.

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