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All Lethal Company Scrap list and values

Here’s what scrap is worth taking with you, and what you can leave behind in Lethal Company.

The player looks at a pile of scrap aboard the ship in Lethal Company
Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

Lethal Company is a co-op survival horror game that tasks you with visiting abandoned moons inhabited by abominable monsters all in the hunt for scrap metal. Why? Because this is what the mysterious Company has asked of you, and failing to meet their demands results in you being jettisoned off into the vast expanse of space.

If you’re striving to hit a quota, it can be useful to know exactly what scrap is valuable and what isn’t. That way, you know what’s worth carrying back to the ship with you first, and what scrap is okay to leave behind when things go awry. Without further ado, here’s a list of all scrap in Lethal Company and how much it is worth.

All Lethal Company Scrap list, and values

Lethal Company is currently in Early Access, which means new types of scrap could be added in future and that values that it’ll sell for may change. We recommend bookmarking this page and keeping an eye on any updates we make as the game changes, and adds more content, over time.

On top of that, it's become apparent that some scrap prices will vary. The below list details the maximum prices that most items will sell for on the final day before quota, but do bear in mind that these values can vary between scrap runs.

The player looks at some scrap, an engine, in a room inside of one of Lethal Company's facilities
Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

With that out of the way, here’s all the scrap you can currently expect to find in Lethal Company, as well as how much it’ll sell for provided that the Company is buying scrap for 100% of its value.

Scrap item Max. selling price in Credits
Stop sign 36
Whoopie cushion 20
Metal sheet 22
Dust pan 32
Large axle 56
Pickle jar 60
Tea kettle 56
Clown horn 72
Laser pointer 100
Flashbang 28
Cookie cutter pan 40
Fish toy 40
Steering wheel 32
Mask 52
Brass bell 80
Double-barrel shotgun 90
Cash register 160
Toy robot 88
Air horn 72
Engine 56
Cog 46
Bottles 56
Mug 68
Candy 36
Whisk 44
Toy Rubix cube 44
Magic 7 ball 72
Bee hive 150
Wedding ring 66
Big bolt 32
Hairbrush 36
Apparatus 80
Pill bottle 40
Old phone 64
Fancy ring 80
Chemical jug 84
Fancy lamp 128
Gold cup 80
Remote 48
Perfume bottle 76
Soda 90
Gold bar 210
Rubber duck 100
Dentures 84
Toothpaste 48
Hairdryer 100
Magnifying glass 60
Painting 124

If you’re ready to pay a visit to the Company, here’s how to sell your scrap in Lethal Company.

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