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Lethal Company VR mod will make gaming's worst job too immersive for comfort

Now you get up close and personal with the game's myriad of cryptids!

There's a Lethal Company VR mod on the way, and to the surprise of no one, it looks like a bit of a nightmare.

Lethal Company is a very funny game - it's ripe with opportunities for good bits, goofs, and gafs. It is also quite a scary game, as each of the cryptids that lie in wait across the game's numerous moons somehow manage to stay surprising no matter how many times you see them. And now, thanks to modder DaXcess, you'll be able to experience all of that in VR, meaning you can experience what is probably one of the worst fictional jobs in gaming at the moment as if you're actually there.

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You can check out the trailer for the mod below, which yeah, certainly looks like Lethal Company in VR! It's all done in a tongue-in-cheek kind of style that fits within the overall narrative of Lethal Company. While it looks like you'll probably walk around via your headset's controller's analogue sticks, there are a few changes made to the game that make a lot of sense for a VR take. For one, a virtual keyboard has been added into the game, considering it would be a bit difficult to use your actual keyboard while your headset is on.

You also interact with the main menu through "ray interactors," which basically just look like long white pointers that let you select the different parts of the menu. And there are a couple of special additions that come with the mod too, like how you can properly gear up a swing of your shovel or signpost, and you can check your spray paint can to charge it up, which are both neat little touches.

The mod is available for free on both Thunderstore and GitHub, so you can check it out at your own peril.

Lethal Company actually ended up being one of Steam's biggest games of the year last year, both in terms of units sold and revenue, which is pretty impressive for a game that was only released in October.

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