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Lethal Company Monsters and how to beat them all

Here’s your guide to all monsters that can be found in Lethal Company.

The player looks at a Manticoil in Lethal Company
Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss
Update: Lethal Company has welcomed some new monsters to the roster of enemies you can come across, so we've updated this list with any new creatures you can expect to be running into while retrieving scrap.

Lethal Company is a co-op survival horror game from solo developer, Zeekerss, and it’s proven to be an absolute hit among players on Steam. This game, which feels much like a horror version of Among Us as you explore abandoned moons, has you scavenging for and selling scrap while running into all kinds of monsters.

Some monsters are more dangerous than others, with some barely being a worry at all while others will very quickly tear you apart if you’re not careful. To help you out during your time searching for scrap in outer-space, here’s a guide to all of Lethal Company’s monsters and what they do.

All Lethal Company Monsters

There are dozens of monsters in Lethal Company that all behave differently. Some monsters will also roam outside on the surface of abandoned moons, while others can only be found inside of the facility. We’re going to split them up into outdoor and indoor categories, to make them easier to identify.

Outdoor monsters in Lethal Company

Baboon Hawks

Baboon Hawks are these massive monkey-like creatures with wings. They will decorate their territory with colorful and shiny objects, and are typically harmless.

The player looks towards their crewmates who are antagonising some Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company
As you can see, Baboon Hawks are easily antagonised by groups. But when more of the creature emerges, you should run. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

If you see a lone Baboon Hawk, they may scream at you, but you’ll be fine to continue doing whatever you’re doing as long as that isn’t provoking them. These guys are easily threatened while roaming alone and won’t bother you, but if they’re roaming as a pack or there are enough Baboon Hawks to outnumber you, you’ll want to run away from them and their territory quickly.

They’ll attack while in groups or if repeatedly provoked, but while alone, they’ll leave you alone. I recommend running away from them either way, though.

Circuit Bee

Circuit Bees are small hordes of bees found swarming nests while outside the ship. If you get too close, they’ll attack and sting you. You can easily outrun this if you’ve stamina left, but if not, they can easily overwhelm and kill you, too.

You’re best keeping a distance from Circuit Bees altogether, but if you’re an agent of chaos, there is some fun to be had in stealing their nests and placing them near a teammate or on your ship… I don’t recommend doing this unless you don’t mind most of your squad dying to bees, though.

The player looks at a horde of Roaming Locusts in Lethal Company
A harmless horde of insects. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

Roaming Locusts

Roaming Locusts are exactly as they sound. They’re swarms of locusts that roam around on abandoned moons, and unlike Circuit Bees, these guys will simply scatter off when approached.

They pose no threat whatsoever, so you don’t need to worry about getting close to them.

Forest Keeper (the Giant)

The Forest Keeper, which most players refer to as the Giant, is a monster that many players will run into when leaving the facility after 5PM.

This towering giant looks a lot like a tree when standing stationary, but when moving, he’s actually covered in all sorts of crevices and his footsteps make a terrifying thud. If you see a Forest Keeper, you want to hope that it doesn’t see you. Remain crouched and behind cover as best you can while making it back to your ship or retrieving bodies.

If he sees you, he’ll charge towards you, scoop you up in his hand and eat you.

Eyeless Dogs

Eyeless Dogs are, you guessed it, large dogs without eyes that’ll roam moons in the evenings. They cannot see players, but they can hear any sound they make while talking or walking.

While sat on the ship in Lethal Company, the player looks directly at an Eyeless Dog wandering around outside of it
To not become prey to Eyeless Dogs, crouch and stay as silent as possible. Loud typers will need to mute. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

If they see a player, they will rush towards them and tear them apart. Eyeless Dogs are also known to make their way onto the ship, too, regardless of whether or not the doors are closed.

If you see an Eyeless Dog, immediately crouch walk towards where you need to go and stay as silent as possible. A single sound, even tapping away at your keyboard, can alert an Eyeless Dog to your location.

Earth Leviathan

The Earth Leviathan is a giant earth worm that burrows beneath the surface of abandoned moons. It’s hard to know when to expect them, meaning they can cause quite the fright when first encountered.

While outside, if you hear a sudden growl and the ground begins to rumble, you want to run as far as you can. This sound indicates that the Earth Leviathan is just seconds away from emerging from the moon’s surface, eating whoever is in their line of sight. And just because they recently attacked does not mean you’re safe, as they will continue to attack when a player is nearby.


Manticoil also fly around on abandoned moons, simply doing their own thing. Much like Roaming Locusts, they’ll fly off when approached, and don’t have much interest in you or your crew.

The player looks up at a Manticoil in the sky in Lethal Company
Manticoils are also harmless, acting like any other bird. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

Indoor monsters in Lethal Company

Loot Bugs

Loot Bugs are probably my favorite monster in Lethal Company. These bugs, which hoard loot and become hostile when it is taken from them, are just little guys trying to collect shiny things.

If you leave them be, and aren’t tempted to steal their loot from them, they’ll typically leave players alone. If, on the other hand, you provoke them by constantly approaching them or stealing their wares, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

When provoked, Loot Bugs will stand on their hind legs, towering over you, before chasing you down and mauling you to death. You’re best off leaving these creepy-crawlies to their own devices, or hitting them with a shovel.


The Hydrogere monster is that seemingly sentient blue slime that’ll follow you around a facility once it finds you, growing larger over time. If a player stands in it for more than a brief moment, it will kill them.

The player looks at a monster known as Hydrogere, which takes the form of blue-green slime in Lethal Company
This slime might seem harmless, but it will very quickly kill you when you stand in it. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

If you see the slime, you’ll want to avoid it at all costs. Fortunately, it moves quite slowly and is easy enough to avoid by walking on railings or jumping over it.


The Nutcracker is a ferocious enemy in Lethal Company, wielding a double-barreled shotgun that they will not hesitate using on you and your crewmates.

You're usually safe to run past Nutcrackers and ignore their presence. Only when they stop and reveal a small eye within their head are you in danger. When this happens, you want to be as still as possible, as any motion detected by the Nutcracker will result in the moving crewmate being chased down and shot.

It is only during this phase that the Nutcracker is susceptible to attacks, too, so you'll want a group to counter this monster. Let one player take the fall and be the Nutcracker's victim while the rest of you bludgeon it to death, and once the Nutcracker is felled, one lucky player will be able to take his double-barreled shotgun alongside two shotgun shells to use.


Masked enemies function a lot like mimics, taking over the bodies of your comrades and then menacingly trying to kill each and every one of you. These guys can spawn on planets with high threat levels and won't stop until the entire crew becomes one of them.

Additionally, players may find masks within the facility while on their scrap retrieval runs. If a player picks the mask up, they can also choose to equip the mask and willingly become a Masked enemy if they wish, too.

Bracken (aka Flower Man)

The Bracken, who is also known as the Flower Man, is a monster that’ll slowly stalk players before deciding it's had enough and attacking them.

You can sense when a Bracken is nearby if you can hear rustling leaves, and he’s identifiable by his red, spiked body and beady white eyes. If you see a Bracken, I recommend turning the other direction and continuing to look for scrap before swiftly exiting.

Bracken will only attack when provoked or stared at for a very long time, but he will slowly stalk players after being seen. Sooner or later, if a player then runs into him, he’ll kill them by breaking their neck.

That said, one of our lovely readers has shared that the Bracken does appear to be scared off by loud noises such as the Air Horn, which is great when you need to quickly escape. Be careful if you try this, however, as you might scare the Bracken off, but can also easily alert other enemies to your location.

Bracken will also drag the deceased player's body into another room to lure other players to his location when retrieving bodies, so be careful if you think a Bracken is present and can see blood trails around a facility.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is a particularly scary monster because she will only haunt one player at a time. As a result, only the haunted player can see her, leaving other unsuspecting players to think that the haunted player is losing the plot.

She’ll start by haunting the player with flickering lights, child-like laughter, and with deep breathing, all to set you on edge. Eventually, she’ll appear to the haunted player as a small girl in a red dress and begin approaching them; this is their cue to leave as quickly as possible. That said, the Ghost Girl will follow players outside, making it the only monster to be seen both indoors and outdoors.

If the Ghost Girl touches the player, they will die and she will begin to haunt another player. She cannot be killed, and the best thing to do when being haunted by her is to keep her on your tail for as long as possible so that your crew can gather scrap and escape.


The Jester is a terrifying monster. Whenever you see one, you should probably just accept your grisly fate there and then.

This monster is only found on moons with higher threat-levels, and will first appear as a Jack-in-the-Box with an arm for a handle and some legs it can roam around on.

Initially, this monster doesn’t appear too threatening and is just plain creepy. It’ll follow players around, slowly winding up and playing eerie music while it’s at it. Once it’s finished winding up, the Jack-in-the-Box will pop open revealing a skull for a head, and it’ll then chase players down before brutally killing them.

Simply put, if you see a Jester, you’ve no choice but to accept death or swiftly exit the facility.

Spore Lizard

Spore Lizards are very easy to identify as they look like large lizards when roaming a facility. Fortunately, these guys aren’t too much of a threat, and are quite silly to look at.

They’re easily scared off, and will only attack players when repeatedly chased down or provoked. Even then, they tend to just give players a bite and release some pink mist to scare them off, rather than mauling them to death.

Bunker Spiders

Bunker Spiders, while not the most difficult enemy to face, are definitely the worst enemy. After all, who actually likes spiders in video games?

These monsters function a little weirdly. In some instances, I’ve found them to be incredibly hostile, and in others, they’ve been more than happy to sit and let one of my crewmates endlessly talk at them. It does appear that there is some sort of correlation between touching their webs or approaching them and how hostile they act, but in any case, I recommend beating these guys to death with a shovel.

If you’re able to stand on a railing, you’ll be able to easily hit a spider while it tries (and fails) to attack. Even if they’re being rather relaxed and not chasing you down, the shovel treatment is what they deserve.


Coilheads are monsters that resemble mannequins and act a lot like Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels. Simply put, they can only move when a player isn’t directly looking at them.

This means that if players run into a Coilhead, they should all stare at it while slowly backing off and trying to exit the facility. In some instances, it’s worth sacrificing a player to a Coilhead so that other players can quickly escape. There’s also no known way to kill these creatures, so… that’s fun!

Snare Flea

Snare Flea’s are a strange bug-like creature that, when having spotted a player, will chase them down and suffocate them, much like a Face-Hugger from Alien. They’re small, fast, and will climb along ceilings, so spotting them before they spot you can be difficult.

The player looks at a dead Snare Flea on the ground of a facility in Lethal Company
Snare Flea's are gross, and when they attack you, you'll be trapped with it crushing your skull... fun. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

If a Snare Flea attaches itself to a player's head and begins to kill them, another player needs to use a shovel or stop sign to hit the player. This will cause the Snare Flea to stop attacking, but players will then need to kill it before it attacks again.

Whatever you do, be careful to not let one of these monsters trap you in a room or corner. Navigating past them is tricky, and touching them is instant death.


Thumper is a bizarre-looking creature. These guys are made up of a torso, two arms, and a bulbous head; they’ll crawl around using their two arms and will try to maul anyone they see. You also know when one is present because of the thumping sounds its arms make when moving.

The player faces a Thumper inside the facility in Lethal Company
These guys are terrifying when they run at you. Not so much when you're stood on a railing that they can't reach. | Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

The best way to counter these guys is by avoiding them like the plague. If you find yourself in a chase with one, you want to run round as many corners as possible, as these guys move incredibly fast when traveling in a straight line. They also cannot climb, so standing on railings until they leave can also work, but you might be waiting a while.

Once you lose them, I recommend avoiding them as best you can and finding an exit. Or, use stun grenades and a shovel to kill the thing before it kills you.

For more on Lethal Company, take a look at all items in the game and how to use them, as well as all the scrap you can find and its value when sold.

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