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Is Until Dawn a spooky horror flick or a walking simulator?

Watch nine minutes of gameplay from upcoming horror game Until Dawn and make up your own mind.

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New gameplay footage of PS4 exclusive horror title Until Dawn has surfaced, giving us reasons to get excited and a little concerned.

As a horror fan there's a lot to admire; the 90's movie vibes, the well-timed sound effects, the jump scares, and even the flirty dialogue. This game certainly captures the horror flick atmosphere and it's encouraging that no one is swinging around an arsenal of shotguns, crossbows and RPGs.

But during the whole nine minutes nothing much happens in terms of gameplay. There's a lot of walking down a linear path, and opening a gate with a couple of different button presses looks to be as complicated as it gets.

Of course we can't judge it based purely on this footage, which looks to be set early in the game. It does seem to give a fair indication of what Until Dawn is about. If you're an old-school survival horror fan it may have all the ingredients to create a new Alone in the Dark or Clock Tower, if not Silent Hill.

There's not long to wait to get hands-on and test it out for real. Until Dawn, from Supermassive Games, is due for release August 25 on PS4.

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