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Is Minecraft about to top 50 million sales?

We've just done a bit of maths and come up with a pretty startling new sales milestone for Minecraft.


This hasn't been confirmed by Mojang, but we're pretty sure Minecraft is super, super close to selling 50 million units. Correct us if we're wrong, but:

That's 49 million units sold in total, and in the interim, Minecraft has been selling well - the retail Xbox 360 version is a perennial fixture of the US charts, and the PS3 version was top of the digital charts ahead of its retail launch last week.

Mojang has removed the Mac and PC sales counter from its website, unfortunately, so we can't gauge how well that's going. If the sandbox hasn't passed 50 million sales by now, it must be jussssst on the edge of doing so.

Actually, the counter disappearing is a bit suspicious, especially as Mojang has gone quiet on sales updates over the past few weeks. That's precisely what I'd do if I wanted to surprise my community with a celebration of a whopping milestone like 50 million sales. Sorry if we ruined it, Mojang.

Goodness knows how many sales Minecraft will tot up when it also launches on PS4, Xbox One and Vita.

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