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Is Battlefield 1's Fort de Vaux DLC map on the brink of a zombie outbreak? If not, what's all the ruckus in these videos?

Is Dice planning a zombie update for Battlefield 1?

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Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC is currently playable in the CTE and as well as the addition of the French army, there are some new maps incoming, including Fort de Vaux which is reminiscent of Operations Metro and Locker.

But it seems Fort de Vaux may be harbouring a secret.

Behind a door marked 'isolation'- that's chained shut - are some pretty gnarly sounds.

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Zombies you say? Why yes, it does sound like a smattering of undead, desperate for some choice brains.

Could there be an upcoming zombie outbreak headed to Battlefield 1 to make the rigours of war even more nightmarish? Dear god, I hope so.

They Shall Not Pass is scheduled for a March release but there's not confirmed date as of yet.

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