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Battlefield 1 - there's a bit of Metro and Locker in the Fort de Vaux map from They Shall Not Pass DLC

Another map from Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC has been shown off, and it looks like it shares a few things with old favourites.

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Battlefield 1 developer DICE pushed an update to the game's CTE recently that brought a number of big balance changes. More importantly, the update included content from the upcoming They Shall Not Pass expansion.

We've already seen the the Soissons map and the two new tanks that you'll see on it, not to mention the new French Army player models.

In today's video from Westie, we get treated to our first look at Fort de Vaux, another one of the four maps coming with They Shall Not Pass. Fort de Vaux is made up of massive wastelands above ground, a network of underground tunnels, and the big fort itself.

It looks like we'll be having many close-quarter combat in this one, judging by the footage, bringing to mind the many corridors of Operation Metro and Operation Locker. The video features commentary from YouTuber Stoddeh in the latter half, since he captured the footage.

They Shall Not Pass releases sometime in March.

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