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Immortality Walkthrough: How to collect every clip and piece of secret footage

Buckle up, the tale of Marissa Marcel is a mind-bending one.

Immortality is an experience, to say the least. Sam Barlow’s latest game appears to have left a lot of players dumbfounded, myself included, but this seems to be for the better. Some questions are better left unanswered, right?

As you embark on your journey to get to the bottom of whatever happened to Marissa Marcel, it won’t take long before you begin to unlock clips from her three unreleased films: Ambrosia, Minsky, and Two of Everything. Of course, there’s a little more to unlock than just these, be it Marissa’s first commercial appearance, interviews, or even something more sinister.

Unlocking everything on offer is certainly a feat, but we’ve given you a few pointers of which match-cuts to exhaust, and which clips to take a closer look at if you find yourself going in circles. For those concerned about spoilers, I’ve done my best to keep the following as spoiler-free as possible. That said, please do read the disclaimers I’ve put in bold before continuing with reading this guide!

Specific items and props to look out for when match-cutting clips in Immortality

Across the 200 or so clips in Immortality, there are plenty of opportunities for match-cutting clips. Some clips may be simple to continue on from, only featuring a face or a cat, and so forth. Others are scattered with objects, props, and faces that make your decision on where to go next rather troubling. In some cases, there may be particular items that you didn’t even think to match-cut with.

A close-up of Carl Goodman's eye while wearing a mask in second Marissa Marcel film, Minsky, in Immortality

The following section of this guide details a bunch of objects and props to be looking for and match-cutting your clips with, in an attempt to unlock every clip. You can go about match-cutting items in any way you’d like, and starting with the faces of the cast and crew is the best way to go about unlocking a lot of clips to begin with.

Once you find yourself encountering repeat clips in this manner (although, Marissa’s face leads to a lot of clips), it’s time to then start picking apart the props and general environment of each scene. Items of interest include the following:

  • Items for eating and drinking, such as fruit, bowls of fruit, cups, glasses, bottles, and drinks
  • Ornaments, such as statues, artwork, vases
  • Pieces of paper, such as photographs, notes, letters, scripts, books
  • Close-ups, particularly of eyes and hands
  • Foliage, such as potted plants, flowers, trees
  • Animals, such as cats, snakes, birds
  • Items for comfort, such as chairs, sofas, beds, pillows, cushions
  • Clothing, hung up and on clothes rails
  • Items that make the rooms themselves, such as windows, curtains, doors, doorways
  • Set items, such as steps, cameras, scripts, and lights
  • Items with religious connotations, such as crucifixes, rosary beads, wine
  • Various light sources, such as lamps, chandeliers, set lighting
  • Technology props, such as mobile phones, landlines, microphones, tape recorders, TV screens
  • Other notable items to look for are cars, masks, guns, keys, clocks
A snake floats in the pool of third Marissa Marcel film, Two of Everything, in Immortality

If you then find yourself having exhausted prop after prop and going in circles before reaching the credits, my next suggestion would be to return to match-cutting using Marissa’s face, or the film slate shown in multiple scenes.

Using the film slate, this’ll take you to another random clip with a slate. Just note that not every clip will have one of these, so you’ll still need to check out objects and faces, too!

Ultimately, if you’ve clicked just about every object, and repeatedly spent time match-cutting with both Marissa’s face and the film slate, you should encounter every clip and unlock the Cinephile achievement sooner or later. If the credits roll beforehand, don’t worry; you can go back and continue your game to find more clips after the ending!

If, on the other hand, the credits are yet to roll, and you’re desperate to find out more or reach Immortality’s ending, the next section of this guide details a few notable clips that you should scrub through…

Specific clips to take a closer look at in Immortality

Immortality is a game with a few secrets, and I’m very hesitant to spoil these. There’ll come an ‘aha!’ moment in your play through when you realise not all is as it seems, and I personally would advise not reading the following section until having experienced this. If you know, you know!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and are still lost on how to continue, my one piece of advice would be to listen out for when the music takes a dark turn during a scene. At this point, don’t exit the scene, but do a little scrubbing and look a little closer. Anyway, possible spoilers ahead.

For those who are in the know of the secrets that Immortality hides away, there’s quite a few to find. In fact, I’m not entirely sure if I’ve even found them all. So, if any are missing from the below that you’ve encountered during your hunt for what happened to Marissa Marcel, please do let us know.

With every one of the clips in Immortality, it’s important to watch them and then slowly scrub back; you may only get a glimpse of Marissa, but other times, an entirely new scene is unlocked as you do so. Notable secret scenes that can be unlocked are noted below for you to go back and check!


  • 12C 7/8/1968
  • 18C 13/9/1968
Marissa Marcel looks at a painting of the Virgin Madonna in Ambrosio, in Immortality


  • 33B 10/8/1970
  • 10A 13/8/1970
  • 24A 25/8/1970
  • 32A 26/8/1970
  • 16/2/1972
Marissa Marcel lokos directly into the camera in Immortality

Two of Everything

  • 82 25/3/1999
  • 26B 18/5/1999
  • 37A 10/6/1999
Marissa Marcel holds an apple and stands beside Andrew Hessenberg's wife and security guard in Two of Everything, in Immortality

That’s all there is to finding every clip, and the secrets that many of them hold in Immortality. Be sure to let us know any secrets you think we may have missed, as well as what you think of Sam Barlow’s latest venture!

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