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IGN goes live with first Kinect software review, goes with 7.5 for Sonic Free Riders


IGN's gone live tonight with the first software review for Kinect ahead of its US launch on Thursday.

The title under the firing line? Sonic Free Riders. The score? 7.5.

Here's a blurb:

"Sonic Free Riders also features bikes, which players control by standing facing the screen and holding their arms out like they're gripping handlebars. Kicking out still activates boost and all the items control the same. I found the bikes to be tiring on my arms, but on the plus side I was totally able to play the game while sitting on a stool."

And so begins the flood. The full embargo for Kinect reviews, hardware and software, is tomorrow.

Kinect launches on Thursday in the US, with a November 10 release in the UK and Europe.

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