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id teases future Wolfenstein, Quake reboots in Utah

RAGE producer Jason Kim has teased that developer id Software will return to Wolfenstein and Quake in the future.

"We have Quake; we have Wolfenstein. If people want that, we have the IPs to deliver it. And we have a different approach now; we're forging a new path," Kim told ShackNews at Bethesda's recent pre-E3 shindig in Park City, Utah.

Do note, though, that nothing is in the works right now.

"We don't have anything in the works right now but I think when we start talking about different things we can do with the other properties that we have I hope people are receptive to what we want to do and what we think would be fun for players to experience coming out of id Software."

Quake and Wolfenstein have been in recent years outsourced to other developers, with dev duties on Quake 4 and Wolfensein at Activision-owned Raven Software, back when id was independent and had Acti as a publishing partner.

It is, however, developing a new title in one of its other dormant IPs: DOOM 4, although nothing has been shown on that yet, but a Quakecon announcement is expected in August.

New IP RAGE releases in the US on September 13 and on September 16 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC. Read our impressions of the game from Utah and watch a ten minute interview with design director Matt Hooper here.

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