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"Huge" Far Cry 2 environments prevented co-op, says Ubi dev

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The scale of Far Cry 2, as well as the fact the game's engine was a proprietary affair, prevented the inclusion of co-op in the upcoming shooter sequel, VG247 was told in London last week.

"The first thing was that the environment is so huge, and we pushed the engine really to the limit... the consoles to the limit," said multiplayer producer Richard Gaetan.

"It was too big of a challenge at the time. It wasn't a [pre-built] engine. It was a brand new engine that we built from scratch, from nothing, so it was already a big challenge to do this with dynamic loading, and everything."

Far Cry 2 will ship with extensive multiplayer options, including a fully-featured map editor. Co-op will have to wait, clearly.

More from Richard later this week.

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