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Far Cry 2 map editor provides almost the same tools as actual dev kit

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Speaking to Boomtown this morning, Far Cry 2 multiplayer producer Gaetan Richard said that the map editor to ship with the game will provide almost the same functionality given to the in-house developers at Ubi Montreal.

"The functionality of our development tools and the editor that ships with the game are pretty much the same," he said.

"There are one or two things you can't do with the public editor but for the most part you can do almost anything we could do in development such as terrain editing, placing thousands of objects, etc.

"Anything that's useful in setting up a multiplayer game is there in the editor. And we think it's really strong. We don't believe there's a map editor on console or PC that's close to our Far Cry 2 map editor."

We popped along for a chat with Gaetan and a few rounds of multiplay in London this afternoon, so we'll have some news for you tomorrow. In the meantime, the rest of Boomtown's interview is here.

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