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GameStop's Far Cry bundle goes back to full price after selling for £5

UPDATE: GameStop was selling all three far Cry games for £4.94 this morning. However, the bundle has gone back up to £54.98. Was it a gaffe on the site's part, or a genuine offer? Decide for yourself below.

Original story:

Far Cry 3 only came out in November, but if you want to get it for less than the price of a large burger meal then you need look no further than GameStop. The site is selling all three Far Cry titles on PC for £4.94 today - proof that Christmas can indeed come early. Get the deal below

The Far Cry Complete Pack can be yours now, and stands at a mere fraction of its typical £54.99 asking price.

While it appears to be a US-only deal, it works here in the UK, and in Europe - Pat just bought it in France for example. Upon hearing about the deal, VG247's Sam Clay even told us all to "f**k right off". He didn't believe us.

But it's real, so what are you waiting for. Get on it.

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