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Far Cry PEGI rating might be signalling the arrival of a new spin-off of a spin-off

We might soon be heading back to the world of Blood Dragon.

A recent rating from European ratings board PEGI seems to suggest a new Far Cry game is on the way.

As spotted by GameRant, a listing for a game titled Captain Laserhawk Niji Warrior recently appeared on PEGI's website, though the page has since been taken down. For some context, if this is real, it would technically be a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off; Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is a Netflix animated series that released last year, which was a spin-off animated series based on Blood Dragon, which itself is a spin-off of Far Cry 3. Bit of a six degrees of separation situation, but with spin-offs here.

According to the listing, the game is planned for PC, and gameplay apparently sees players taking part in a "laser 'deathmatch'" where they have to compete to eliminate the most opponents. The game is also rated a 12, describing "moderate violence in which human-like characters are shot using laser guns. Reactions to being shot are unrealistic, with characters breaking into parts when hit." It's also sounding like it could be a free-to-play game, as there is a mention of the ability to purchase in-game items like cosmetics, but it is noted that "the game can still be played without the need to purchase such items."

Eurogamer asked Ubisoft for comment, but the developer said it doesn't "comment on rumours or speculation."

Based on the title of the game, presumably it'll have something to do with the Niji 6, a group of superheroes featured in the animated show that are obviously riffing on shows like Power Rangers with their dramatic performances and rainbow-coloured outfits.

Captain Laserhawk released back in October 2023, and features some surprise cameos from a range of Ubisoft characters, like Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, Beyond Good & Evil's Jade, and Rayman, who was looking a bit worse for wear in the animated series.

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