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How to equip cosmetics in Diablo 4

Got a fancy trophy or pre-order bonus for Diablo 4 but unsure how to get it? We've got you covered.

As all longtime players of MMOs, live service games, and similar multiplayer games with long shelf lives will know, one of the most important aspects of Diablo 4 in the long run will be how cool your character looks. As such, you're going to want to know how to equip cosmetics in Diablo 4 if you want to look your best.

To assist you in your journey in fashion-forward ARPG gameplay, we've created this brief guide on how to equip cosmetics in Diablo 4. We've also broken down the various types of cosmetics you can grab, and how to approach equipping them all. A comprehensive walktrhough on all things visual.

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How to equip cosmetics in Diablo 4

When it comes to cosmetics for your DIablo 4 character, every different look you've unlocked can be found in your wardrobe. Wardrobes are located across major settlements on the world map, and you can identify them by their unique symbol on your minimap. As a rule of thumb, you'll also find yoru strash chest next to a wardrobe.

Wardrobe symbol in Diablo 4
The Wardrobe

Once you make it to the wardrobe, you'll find each unlocked look for your weapons and armour laid out in a specific tab dedicated to each piece of equipment you can use. Here you can also save outfits, which will let you change between your favourite looks quickly.

That's all well and good if you've already unlocked the cosmetic you're looking for, but how do you go about unlocking new cosmetics? The most common process will be through salvaging gear at the blocksmith. If yous ee a hammer symbol next to a piece of gear, that's your sign that salvaging that item will provide a new appearance at the wardrobe. Note that you only have to do this once per unique cosmetic, so sooner or later you'll run out of salvagable appearances.

Wardrobe and cosmetic collection in Diablo 4
As you proceed through the game, more and more of this should get unlocked.

For rewards that you get from challenges, you'll first get an item in your inventory. As such, you must use them before the cosmetic becomes unlocked in your wardrobe.

Then there are the paid cosmetics. If you buy something from the Diablo 4 shop, it'll be automatically unlocked so you should be able to take a quick trip to the wardrobe and just slap it on hassle free.

How to equip mount cosmetics in Diablo 4

Cosmetics for your mount works al ittle different than your average cosmetic! Instead of heading to your wardrobe, you'll want to rush to your nearest stable. Stables, like wardrobes, have unique symbols on the map that you should look out for to quickly identify them, and can be found in all major settlements.

Stables Symbol in Diablo 4
The Stables

Cosmetics for your mount are far simpler than weapon and armour cosmetics. You can't salvage any mount cosmetics, they are either bought with gold and other in-game currency, rewards that you must activate in your inventory, or paid cosmetics that'll go straight to your collection.

Stables menu in Diablo 4
You should be able to quickly identify the earnt cosmetics vs paid ones thanks to the rectangular symbol beneath the DLC options.

Like the wardrobe, you can find all your mount cosmetics at any stable, where you can switch between your chosen mount, mount armour, and trophies.

That wraps up our guide on how to equip cosmetics in Diablo 4! For more guides on the game, check out our pieces on How to find the Flooded Mine in Diablo 4, as well as Diablo 4's Brought to Heel quest and red mushroom location.

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