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How to find the Flooded Mine in Diablo 4

A core part of an early side quest in the Fractured Peaks, here's where to find the Flooded Mines

Diablo 4 is packed full of side quests, and while most of them are fairly self explanatory, others require a some legwork on your part as you explore the world of Sanctuary. In the Fractured Peaks, finding the Flooded Mine is likely the first of these more involved side quests. As such, the Flooded Mine Location is something you'll want to know.

To help you out, we've written out this short guide on where to find the Flooded Mine in Diablo 4, so you can wrap up this part of your levelling journey as soon as possible.

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Diablo 4 Flooded Mine location

To find the Flooded Mine in Diablo 4, you'll only need to take a short trip from either the waypoint in Kyovashad headed South, or Margrave headed East. You'll likely take the later route, as ? is where you pick up the side quest that asks you to make your way to the Flooded Mine Dungeon.

Flooded Mine map screenshot
You're looking at the centre of the Fractured Peaks south border for the Flooded Mine.

Once you make yourself towards the right direction, you'll find yourself in a large cave system filed with bandits. the Flooded Mine is located on the higher floor, right of the ladder connecting both parts of the cave system together. Take a short walk from the ladder, and you'll find yourself at the Flooded Mine dungeon.

Diablo 4 Flooded Mine in-game screenshot
You'll see the dungeon symbol on your mini-map

Once there, simply head inside and clear it out! For the purposes of the side quest, you shouldn't need to be down there too long. All you'll need to do is clear out some bandits and you can grab yourself a nice haul of loot and continue your leveling journey.

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