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GTA 5 double cash and RP: how do you beat The Humane Labs Raid?

GTA 5's offering double cash and RP payouts for The Humane Labs Raid this week. Want to know how to do it?


You can earn mega-money in GTA 5's Humane Labs Raid this week, as Rockstar's offering double cash and RP for all set-ups and the heist itself. Get involved.

Hit the links below to see how to beat it.

  1. Set-up 1 - Key Codes: You'll need to grab some key codes from the heist's first mission, a goal hampered by a nasty ambush.
  2. Set-up 2 – Insurgents: Get to the quarry and grab two armoured cars. This is more difficult than you might think, so be sure to read our guide through the link.
  3. Set-up 3 – EMP: This is the famous mission in which you steal a VTOL jet from an aircraft carrier.
  4. Set-up 4 – Valkyrie: Get to the chopper. Really. You have to steal it.
  5. Set-up 5 – Deliver EMP: This is a nightmare. Read our notes and you'll save yourself a huge amount of pain.
  6. The Humane Labs Raid: GTA 5's third heist is a complex, two-team business with plenty of room for error. Read our guide. Don't go in cold.

You're going to gross well in excess of $1 million with this week's buffs for completing The Humane Labs Raid, so, even with the infuriating Deliver EMP set-up, it's worth the effort. Bookmark our full guide and you'll survive. Good luck.

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