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GTA Online The Humane Labs Raid Heist guide

Ready to steal a VTOL jet? Sure you are. Welcome to the third GTA Online heist, and with GTA 5 now free on the Epic Games Store, you won't be going in alone.

The Humane Labs Raid is the third GTA 5 Online Heists job, and it's both amazing and long. There are six jobs to complete in total, including a difficult stealth mission. This heist includes the missions to unlock both the Hydra VTOL jet and the amazing Valkyrie chopper, so it's well worth any pain. Be sure to read the following pages carefully. They could save you a lot of time.

To host The Humane Labs Raid, you'll need to have previously hosted The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break, the first two heists in the sequence. You'll find full details of how to complete both heists through those links, and be sure to bookmark our complete GTA 5 Online Heists guide.

This is a four-person heist, and you won't be able to start it until you have a full group.

That's it. Let's go.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid set-up 1 - Key Codes

And we're off. This is an easy set-up involving four separate roles. The purpose is to acquire key codes to get into a room in the Humane Labs buildings. The four roles are: Bodyguard; Buyer; Lookout North; and Lookout South.

You'll be done with this mission in quick time. Just drive to the designated parking lot. Each team member will be told where to go. The lookouts will climb up on surrounding buildings and the Buyer and Bodyguard will stay in the lot.


Once everyone's in place, the seller will arrive and you'll acquire the key cards.


As soon as the goods have exchanged hands, the FIB turns up with its guns a-blazing. You just have to kill everyone and escape. The baddies come from all sides, so the lookouts need to make sure they're picking off the stuff in front of them.

You get paid as soon as the cards are delivered back to the heist apartment. Next.


How to do The Humane Labs Raid set-up 2 - Insurgents

Now you have the key cards, you need to steal two Insurgent SUVs from a Merryweather weapons testing session at the Davis Quartz Quarry. If you're familiar with the regular Quarry Quarry mission from GTA Online, you'll have a good idea of what's going to happen here. There are no teams on this job.


Drive to the quarry. Just smash through the guards on the gate and get into a vantage position over the insurgents. Snipe all the dudes around them. You may have to jump down to finish the last few off.


Once you've killed everyone, split yourself into two teams. Only one of the Insurgents has a mounted gun. The car with no gun will lead the way out of the quarry.


Before you leave, you must rid yourself of two attack choppers. If you don't do it now, the job ending will be stupidly hard. Use the gun on the back of the insurgent and homing rockets.


Once the choppers are down, move out. The car with the gun brings up the rear, and you need to stay close to each other. You're going to encounter many, many enemies, most of them in armoured jeeps. After you reach the drop-off you're going to be told to kill all the remaining Merryweather operatives.

Once they're dead, just put the vehicles on the yellow marker and you'll get paid.


How to do The Humane Labs Raid set-up 3 – EMP

This is the now-famous mission in which you steal a VTOL jet, the Hydra, from an aircraft carrier. There are no teams on this job.


First, go to the dinghy, as instructed. It's parked just off the beach. The entire group needs to be sitting in it before you can continue.


Once you're all settled in, follow the yellow dot out to sea. You're aiming for an aircraft carrier, which, helpfully, is enormous and lit up like a Christmas tree. You can't miss it.


The entry point is at the back of the ship. Drive the dinghy round, go inside, jump into the water and climb onto the aircraft carrier.


Now move through the ship clearing the red dots. You need to go right out of the main hangar and climb the stairs up to the deck.


Now for the fun bit. One person takes the Hydra and the rest of the crew jump into Lazers. The Hydra's located at the forward end of the aircraft carrier's deck.


Once the Hydra's in the air, the Lazers need to provide support. Enemy jets will arrive to destroy the Hydra. When they move behind the target to try to get a lock, follow round behind them and take them out. They only have eyes for the Hydra, so it's just a case getting a lock and pressing the button. You don't have to worry about being shot down.

That's it. The Hydra pilot needs to put the aircraft into hover mode and land gently. The EMP was in the nose of the plane. You'll see it being unloaded and you'll get paid.


How to do The Humane Labs Raid set-up 4 – Valkyrie

You now need to go to the docks and steal a Valkyrie, probably one of Heist's best new vehicles. This is an easy set-up, but don't get cocky. You need to clear the enemies thoroughly before advancing during the action phase. There are no teams on this job.


The Valkyrie is located at the very south of the map.


Be warned: the approach to the helicopter is dangerous. You're going to meet a mix of normal dudes, snipers and air support. Don't just smash through, as the handler advises. Stop at the gate and clear all the red dots. Once the baddies have been alerted you're going to be attacked by a Buzzard. Take it down quickly with a homing rocket.

Move through the submarine hangar using constant cover. Watch for the sniper on the tower on the left as you exit the other side. Just kill all the dudes and get in.

The Valkyrie has three weapons placements. There are two mini-guns on the side and an anti-aircraft-type gun on front for the co-pilot.


Now you're in the air, we're sure you won't be surprised to hear that you're going to get attacked. Buzzards will converge on you. The pilot needs to look at them so all the Valkyrie's weapons are able to take a shot on target.


Once everything's dead, fly to the meeting point. It's marked with a red flare. Mind the tree when you land!


And that's that. Easy beans.


How to do The Humane Labs Raid set-up 5 – Deliver EMP

This is a nasty mission based on stealth and simultaneous take-downs. The object is to place the EMP inside the lab so it can be detonated during the finale. Read these instructions carefully and you'll save yourself a great deal of pain.

There are some things you need to know from the start.

  • You must use a silenced sniper rifle. Any un-silenced weapon will alert the scientists and end the mission.
  • If you alert any guard or scientist, the mission will immediately end.
  • You only have ten minutes to complete the lab section. Watch the clock.
  • Use stealth when you're doing the shooting sections. L3 engages stealth mode and makes you walk quietly.

There are no teams in this set-up. Just put on some nice black clothes and be prepared to listen to whoever's done it before.


First off you need to pick up the Insurgent SUV. There's nothing to kill when you get there, so just drive to the dot and get into the car. Once you have the vehicle, follow the yellow line to Humane Labs. There's a 10-minute time limit once you start the lab sequence, don't don't hang around.


Park the car on the yellow marker and get out. Line up a sniper shot on the first guard at the gate and wait for the guard behind him to walk away. Then kill the guard and run forwards into the compound.


Once you're past the gate, curve around to the right then go up the stairs on the right.


You'll now be in a courtyard. Kill the closest red dot with a sniper rifle, then split yourself into two teams. Anyone with previous experience will need to be in the Go Team. The other two we'll call the Scientist Team.

While the Scientist Team stays put, the Go Team should now run forwards past the number "8" painted on the wall. On the other side, there's a box against the wall you can use to climb up.



One person goes up, kills the guard and then calls for the other Go Team member to follow. They then line up on two more red dots and kill them simultaneously. That's the first bit.

While the Go Team's killing the first three dots, the Scientist Team has to line up with a flight of stairs in the courtyard next to a number "5" painted on the wall. You'll see two scientists at the bottom of the stairs. Each team member should line up a shot on a scientist.


A member of the Go Team now lines up a shot on the guard opposite the two scientists. The Scientist Team can't see the guard, so unless you drop both the scientists and the guard at the same time, there'll be an alert and the mission will end. On a count of three, the two scientists and the central guard die together.

The Scientist Team now walks down to the foot of the stairs. To the right, and on the opposite side of the passage ahead, are two scientist. Each team member should line up a shot on a separate scientist. To Go Team now has to sneak along above the scientists to line up a shot on two more red dots invisible to the Scientist Team on the right side of the passage. You have to be very careful not to alert anyone here, so use stealth and take it slowly. All four members of the group should now have a lined-up shot on four baddies. Someone counts to three and everyone fires at the same time. All being well, there should be no more red dots on the radar.

You're home free now. One person runs up to get the Insurgent and the EMP while another hacks the door to a garage. This involves a basic mini-game in which you have to stop increasingly quick locks in sequence. It's easy.


Now put the SUV in the garage and get into the lorry standing next to it.


Drive out the compound and don't engage anything. A Merryweather patrol will drive past. Ignore it.

And you're done. You'll see the Passed sign and you'll get paid. Now onto the finale.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid

This is it. Now it's time to get to Humane Labs and steal the files. As ever, the board in your apartment will show you the pay-cut, the total payout and who's going to be doing what during the finale.


Now you need to sort your clothes out. Be careful picking any outfit with "heavy" in the title: wearing it probably means you won't be able to run.

There are two teams in this finale, the Ground Crew and the Chopper Crew. The Ground crew goes into the lab and steals the documents, while the Chopper Crew flies around outside in the Valkyrie and picks the Ground Crew members when they leave the lab.


First of all you have to get to the Valkyrie. It's situated about five miles away from Downtown, next to the Alamo Sea, and you can't call in a chopper to get there quickly. You'll just have to drive.


Once you've picked the chopper up, fly to the Drop Zone. You're just aiming to fly over the yellow dot, not actually land. When the pilot has the chopper in position, the EMP will detonate and knock out all the power in the compound below. The Ground Team now exits the chopper and parachutes down. When you land on the ground you'll automatically switch over to night vision.

Blow the doors leading into the lab. Sticky bombs work fine. Then it's just a case of moving through the building, following the yellow markers and killing opponents. Use either an assault rifle or the assault shotgun for this. Fight through compound until you reach a double-locked door. Each Ground Team member needs to position themselves next to a lock and they have to press the button at exactly the same time. You have to be using voice for this, so good luck if you're playing with randoms.


Move into the room and collect the data. Then run out, kill anything in your way and you'll reach an entrance to the sea. Equip your oxygen by pressing left on the d-pad and jump in. Swim through the tunnels and get onto the surface when you get out into open water. Don't worry too much about not being able to breath. Just tap the swim button to go faster and you'll easily make it.


Swim to the marker on the beach. Once you're on the sand, you'll need to fire a flare into the air to show the Valkyrie where to land. This is a tight landing, so be sure to get out of the pilot's way. You don't want to get squashed.


Once you're in the air, each of three players not piloting will need to take down a team of Buzzards. The best tactic for this is for the pilot to keep the enemies in front of the chopper, allowing all three of the Valkyrie's weapons to get a shot on target.


Once the sky's clear, fly to meeting point. Once you land, you've completed the finale. You'll see a cutscene in which one of you is handed a grenade, and you blow up the Valkyrie while facing the camera. It's a beautiful moment.


Now you get the payout. This job pays seriously well, especially if you've got the first time bonus. You should clear well over $300,000 as the heist leader.


Now go blow a bunch of cash in a stripclub. Congratulations. On to round four.

Head back for the rest of our GTA Online Heists guide.


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