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GTA Online Heists guide: The Fleeca Job

With GTA Online hitting a whole new audience now it's free on the Epic Games Store, here's how to complete The Fleeca Job, the first set of missions in GTA Online Heists.

How to do The Fleeca Job

The Fleeca Job is the first heist and an easy introduction to GTA 5's latest update.

Once you've downloaded the Heists file, enter GTA Online. You receive a call from Lester telling you to go to his warehouse near the freeway. It's marked with an L on the map, just as it is in single-player.


When you arrive, you'll get a speech from Lester saying he's setting up some jobs. You have to leave the warehouse, with Lester saying he'll be in touch about the job "soon".

Lester will call in short order. Go back to your apartment and you'll walk into your new Heist planning room. You're now able to host and lead your own heists.


You actually don't have to wait for Lester's call. Just bring up the phone, select Quick Job and select "Play Heist" at the top of the list. You get the option to either join On Call or enter a lobby normally. This will put you into another player's heist. It could be at any point in the sequence, so doing it this way the first time you play a heist may mean you miss out on some of the sections.


Assuming you're hosting The Fleeca Job yourself, you'll need to find another player. It's a two-player job. Once the lobby's full, you're free to start.

How to do The Fleeca Job set-up 1 - Scope Out


This is ultra-easy. All that happens in Scope Out is, obviously, scoping out the target of the heist, in this case a Fleeca bank on a highway next to the sea. Just get into Lester's car and drive to the bank. Lester fills you in on the drive. You're going to be stealing a safety deposit box full of hooky bonds.

The first job is to scout the bank. You sit outside for a minute while Lester explains the hit, then you take him back to his warehouse to pick up Page, Lester's assistant, and the necessary gear for the robbery.

During the journey, the non-driving player will be sent a hacking app to get into the bank's system. It's sent to their phone and takes the form of a mini-game, where you have to guide a dot from one side of the screen to the other. Once you've done that and you arrive at the warehouse, you swap cars and then drive with Page and Lester to the garage.

And that's it. You get paid when you arrive at the garage.

How to do The Fleeca Job set-up 2 - Kuruma

Page and Lester now set-up the heists board. Lester explains that each job needs a boss. The heist leader, if this is the first time you've done this, will be taken through an introduction to the board.

The object of this mission is to steal a Kuruma, a high-speed armoured car, from some Koreans in Little Seoul.


The first thing you do is select your outfit. You can change the style of the clothes, your mask and your preferred custom vehicle for the job.


Once you're on the way, you drive to the top of a multi-storey garage. You press left on the d-pad to put your mask on on exiting the car. Lester reckons there are multiple ways of doing this section, but it'll probably just boil down to killing everyone and stealing the vehicle. It's pretty straightforward. You'll be attacked heavily when you try to get the car back to Lester's factory, so the passenger will need to be shooting for the entire journey.

And that's it. You get paid when the car's delivered to Lester.

How to do The Fleeca Job - the heist itself

This bit's a little weird, and it doing the heist with someone you know (and are speaking to) makes things a lot less confusing. After the second set-up job's completed, you'll be dumped out onto the street in open play. Page has said she'll be in touch. You have to wait until the Heist leader receives a notification on their phone telling them it's time to do the job. The second player will then have to be re-invited to the main event.

You're now given a more detailed look at the whiteboard and its various sections. You'll see the overall take, how the heist leader has decided to split to money, who's on the job and their respective roles.

In this particular heist, one player is the Driver and one is the Driller. The take is $115,000 and the leader set-up cost is $11,500.


After selecting clothes and masks, you drive to the bank in the stolen Kuruma.


The Driller has to complete the security hack before the job can start. Again, he's sent the hacking tool to his phone. This is the same dot-pushing mini-game, but it's much harder than the one given in the first set-up job and the Driller will need to complete the game three times before the job can start.


First, the Driller has to open the door remotely with his phone. Once inside the bank, both players take out four security cameras in the lobby as quickly as they can. The Driver is then in charge of crowd control, while the Driller goes to the deposit box behind the counters and gets to work on the lock.

There are four tiers of the lock to drill. Just follow the instructions: you have to place the drill with the left stick then press R2 gently. If you drill too hard the bit overheats.


While the Driller is working in the back, the Driver has to ensure the teller behind the counter stays intimidated so he doesn't trigger the alarm. If he does so, the job's immediately over. This is a case of aiming your gun at him behind the counter and firing the occasional near-miss shot. A yellow bar in the bottom right of the screen shows how close he is to hitting the button.


Once the Driller's complete his work, the box springs open and the alarm goes off. You both need to get out of the bank and into the car as quickly as possible. Cops will be waiting for you on the street if you decide to leave the front way. Kill some and escape.

You'll face roadblocks on the highway heading north. Just ram through them or skirt round them. Once you reach a bridge, you'll need to match the speed of a cargobob chopper, which'll oblige by picking your car up with a magnet and flying you to safety.


You did it. The pay-out will be high if this is the first time you've done it, and you'll see yourself drinking a beer in celebration. Enjoy the loot!

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