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GTA Online: double RP & cash for Humane Labs Raid this week

Rockstar has kicked off another double RP and cash event, this time piling on the rewards for the Humane Labs Raid.


You'll get double dollars and RP all this week until July 26th for taking part in set ups and the final Humane Labs Raid heist. If you need help check out our guide right here.

The promotion comes after last weekend's double RP and cash for The Prison Break, which also discounted certain heist vehicles and offered double RP for other activities.

Those activities have been tweaked for this week. Check out the list below of how to score double RP while gang-banging in Los Santos.

Double RP for:

  • Plane Takedown
  • Flight School
  • Destroy Vehicle Targets
  • Complete a Gang Attack
  • Deliver an Export Vehicle to Simeon
  • Parachuting
  • Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds, Kill an Enemy Within First 30 seconds
  • Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds of Each Other, Kill an Enemy Within First 60 seconds, Get a Killstreak, Get First Kill

Rockstar has said that it will also offer daily discounts on select gear, so keep an eye on the game to see what's on offer.

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