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Horses, armoured trains and more; Battlefield 1 gamescom 2016 trailer is here

DICE has released a bombastic new trailer for Battlefield 1 ahead of gamescom 2016.

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We were promised a new Battlefield 1 trailer at gamescom, and we got one. DICE has officially unearthed the game's latest trailer, which is made up of all-new footage.

The trailer is relatively short, but full of details many will surely unravel when going through it frame by frame. Most notably, it gives us our first proper look at horses and the various takedowns you can do with swords. The armoured train we had only seen in concept art is also here.

The desert map we'll be seeing a lot of in tomorrow's livestream features prominently in this trailer, complete with flamethrower footage and a look at a new armoured class, or possible battle pick-up.

There's also a short clip near the end that looks like it's from the game's single-player. DICE has been pretty tight-lipped about the campaign, but this may soon change.

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