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This Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider goes a step beyond PS5 graphics

Sure, the PlayStation 5 graphics for Horizon Forbidden West are realistic – but if we ever saw a Clawstrider like this in real life, we'd be bricking it.

If you've already booted up Horizon Forbidden West, you'll know that the game is one hell of a looker. And it looks as gorgeous on PS4 as it does on PS5, somehow. But if all the work the Decima Engine is doing to make Aloy's latest adventure look mouth-watering is still, somehow, leaving you underwhelmed, don't fret; you can see one of the game's trademark machines in real life, if you want to.

To celebrate the arrival of the game after a few well-documented delays, machines have been appearing in locations around the real world including – with one appearing right here near VG247's home offices, leaping into reality at London Waterloo Station.

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The Clawstrider that's probably just got off a Jubilee Line train to try and make an ill-advised connection to the Northern Line – or something – is a fast and agile machine found within the Forbidden West, when it's not commuting on a blustery Monday morning. The impressive take on the fictional robotic animal stands at 3.5 meters tall. And it's just one of many machines that has made its way into the real world.

If you're elsewhere in the world and still want to wrap your eyeballs around one of the enemies (and sometimes allies) from Sony's latest game, don't worry: there are 15 locations around the world you can get to see Aloy's prey for yourself. The sites include:

  • UAE, Dubai
  • Australia, Sydney, Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Russia, Moscow, Depo FoodMall
  • South Korea, Seoul, The Lotte World Tower
  • Poland, Warsaw, Palace of Culture & Science
  • Spain, Madrid, Callao Square
  • USA, NYC, Times Square
  • USA, San Francisco, Embarcadero
  • Canada, Toronto
  • UK, London, Waterloo Station
  • France, Paris, Gare Saint-Lazare
  • Mexico, Mexico City, Telcel Theatre
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo, Avenida Paulisto
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires, Planetario Galileo Galilei
  • Chile, Santiago, Parque Araucano

If you'd rather hunt one of these creatures down in-game, we can help with our extensive Horizon Forbidden West guide. If you're just jumping in the game and getting started, perhaps you'll enjoy our Horizon Forbidden West Tips for beginners and if you want to know exactly how to take down a Clawstrider, you'll be more taken with the idea of looking up what every machine weakness is in Horizon Forbidden West.

You can also check out our Horizon Forbidden West review and review round-up if you're trying to figure out whether or not to make the leap and buy the game yourself.

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