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Homefront concept "so unique" it doesn't compare with other shooters


Kaos Studios head Dave Votypka has said the concept behind its shooter Homefront is "so unique", the development team doesn't see any "comparisons with other shooters".

To drive home this point,  Votypka told PSM3 about Homefront's laser-pointer vehicle guide, something it demoed a few months before Modern Warfare 2 was released.

"The level in MW where you're using the laser-pointer to guide the Striker (combat vehicle). We showed that mechanic at last year's E3, then it was in their game," he said.

"We were thinking 'Hmm, where did you get that idea from' But, other than that, we think our concept is so unique we don't really see comparisons with other shooters."

Still, both Kaos and THQ are confident Homefront will be "genre competitive", and are not too concerned with being "number one".

According to THQ UK head Jon Rooke, since the game is a new IP, it won't be the "best-selling first-person shooter game next year" because the next Call of Duty "will do that".

Homefront is slated for 2011 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Via CVG.

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