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Homefront: The Revolution performance issues to be addressed

Dambuster Studios plans to address launch issues experienced with Homefront: The Revolution.


Homefront: The Revolution performance issues to be addressed

The game released this week on May 17 and since launch, many players have reported performance issues.

Dambuster acknowledged the game's performance problems, particularly the frame rate, and said the current state isn't "where we want it to be" at present. There are patches in the works for all platforms, the company said.

While players wait on a patch, the first post-launch content consisting of eight pieces Punk and Anarchist outfits, plus the Punk and Anarchist full body clothing have been released. Players can find these in these the Gear and Clothing menu.

Two bonus Hail Mary boosters will also be found in the Consumables inventory. These provide a free instant revive.

This week, the developer also outlined what players can expect with the Expansion Pass and reconfirmed the three additional Missions for Resistance Mode would be available by the end of June.

Since its inception, the road to release Homefront: The Revolution has been a rocky one. It was first in the hands of THQ owned developer Kaos Studios, which developed the first title which released in March 2011. The studio was closed by THQ the following June as part of a company wide re-organization.

The sequel was then to be handed over to THQ Montreal but ended up with Crytek UK instead. When THQ filed bankruptcy in December 2012 and started selling off its IP and studios in January 2012, Crytek bid on the IP and walked off with Homefront: The Revolution.

During E3 2014, it was announced Deep Silver would co-publish and the game was tagged for a 2015 release; however, in June 2014 Crytek went through a transitional phase and internal restructuring. It sold the Homefront IP to Deep Silver parent company Koch Media and development was handed over to Dambuster Studios, which was made up predominately by Crytek UK.

In March of 2015, Deep Silver announced the Homefront has been delayed into 2016. Dambuster included comment on the game's development woes in the end credits.

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