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Learn more about Hollow Knight's amazing soundtrack, available this week

Hollow Knight, a promising indie Metroidvania being developed in Australia by Team Cherry for PC and Switch, is due for release soon - but you'll be able to enjoy the soundtrack from this Friday.

Watch on YouTube

The video, posted by composer Chris Larkin on his YouTube page, gives some hints of how the gameplay will influence the music in Hollow Knight. "Team Cherry has been very supportive of the idea of using themes and melodies", Larkin says. The soundtrack features musical techniques more commonly associated with opera. "In this game we're really pushing the piano and the viola as the centerpiece of the score", he says.

The soundtrack will be available on Chris Larkin's bandcamp page from Friday (as reported by Player Attack). Judging from the background snippet in the video above, it's sounding pretty beautiful.

Hollow Knight, which earned AU$57,138 on Kickstarter in 2014, is due for release on PC very soon, with a Switch release to follow after.

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