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Hollow Knight Silksong is coming... to PS4 and PS5

Hey, it's something, alright?

That's right folks, the latest bit of Hollow Knight: Silksong news is here, confirming that it is definitely, absolutely, 100% coming to PS4 and PS5.

PlayStation itself confirmed the news earlier this week on its official Twitter account (September 16), writing "Sharpen your needles – confirming Hollow Knight: Silksong is coming to PS5 and PS4." Of course, this being Silksong news, that's about as far as the update stretches, but it is good to know that the game will be coming to a range of platforms at the very least.

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Earlier this year at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, we got another snippet of Silksong gameplay, confirming that the game would also be coming to Xbox consoles, though didn't specify which. It was also announced that the game would be on Game Pass day one though, a big win for subscribers to the service. But there's been no mention of whether it will be available on any of the PlayStation Plus expanded tiers.

Silksong, for those who somehow haven't seen the wave of messages that appear on basically every Nintendo Direct, is the highly anticipated to 2017's Hollow Knight, a bug-themed, indie Metroidvania from Team Cherry.

Hollow Knight was originally partially funded through Kickstarter, and as long as plans haven't changed, backers should receive a free copy of Silksong upon its release.

The original Hollow Knight was met with widespread critical acclaim, with many thoroughly enjoying the worldbuilding, artstyle, and tough but tight gameplay. Silksong is set to star Hornet, another character and occasional boss in the first game, who was originally meant to be added as a second playable character via DLC before Team Cherry eventually realised the scope was too large and an entirely new game needed to be made.

Since its announcement, we've only seen snippets of gameplay, which doesn't normally do much to quell the overwhelming excitement that players feel for the game.

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