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Here's what Destiny players most want from Bungie next

Destiny has a new community manager - but the same old community, with the same old wishlist.

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Destiny players have a lot of ideas of what they'd like to see implemented in Bungie's shared-worlds shooter. Some of the feedback is thoughtful, on-point, and of great use to Bungie, and some of it is just frothing rage over not yet receiving a Gjallarhorn.

Although the gaps between updates and failure to action your particular bugbear may convince you otherwise, Bungie does listen. The developer works very hard to sort through all of this feedback, and is known to stalk various community sites - even appointing one of Reddit's finest to the team.

One of Chris "Cozmo23" Shannon's first acts in his new role has been to collect a new community wishlist on the Bungie forums (as well as provide updated guidelines on how to ensure these wishes are heard). Here's what the community is looking for nowadays:

  • 1. Transmogrification

    Players want to be able to alter the appearance of their weapons and armour. This would allow players to rock a weapon that looks as good as, for example, Bad Juju, while packing the punch of a different boomstick. This has concenring implications for PvP balance - you need to know what you're facing - and the ability to ascend older armour has helped a bit, so we don't expect this one to happen soon.

  • 2. Private Crucible Matches

    PvP with just you and your mates, with no randos to let the side down or alternately roll your entire crew: yes please. Bungie would probably have to disable Exotic Bounty progress, though.

  • 3. Gun Skins

    Players really want to customise their weapons. Gun skins, which alter the colour and pattern of weapons rather than their overall shape, have less potential for problems in PvP. Why not?

  • 4.Guardian Facial Hair

    Beards. Enough said.

  • 5.Vault Sorting Options

    If your Vault is anywhere near to full, finding what you're after quickly and easily is a pain in the butt. Being able to use the companion app is a big help, but it would be fantastic to just tap "shotguns" or "raid weapons" and grab your gear quickly.

  • 6. Crucible Map Voting

    There's no guarantee map voting would prevent you having to play that one map you're just no good at, but it would be a good start. Bungie would probably learn a lot about which maps are the most fun - and maybe which are the most exploited, too.

  • 7. Expanding Faction Interaction

    Destiny's factions are under-utilised. Now that there are so many way to acquire Legendary equipment, their one important function has pretty much been axed. it would be great if faction membership meant anything besides reward packages of usually junk loot. Build it into the story. Give us monthly tournaments. Something.

  • 8. Aim Assist Toggle Option

    Some players hate aim assist. It's especially disliked among hardcore PvP fans, whose natural reactions and decision making can be better than any automated system. Give us the option, yeah?

  • 9. Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors

    The Tower vendors all seem to sell the same stuff all the time, and none of it is especially interesting any more. Let's have some variety.

  • 10. Dismantle Consumable Items

    Some people really want to get rid of the stacks of consumables eating up their inventory space. Why not just consume them? Well, items like Ether Seeds have a cooldown of several minutes. It'll take quite a while to get through 99 of them.

  • 11. Additional Matchmaking Options

    I don't know if this one means players want Raid and Nightfall matchmaking, or just the option to restrict existing PvE and PvP matchmaking by factors like level, region, connection speed and skill level. Whichever it is, players clearly want more control over who they play with - and maybe some help finding new friends.

  • 12. Material Stack Size Increase

    We're all carrying around loads of materials for when we finally get our hands on new equipment. It's annoying that they take up so much inventory space. 200 Spinmetal is pretty decent (although since we can't trade them for anything we hit this limit all the time) but some of the more rare currencies - the stuff you really don't want to throw away - have much more restrictive caps.

  • 14. Additional Storage/Vault Options

    More vault space. Yes. That's what we want. And a lot of it.

Wondering if any of these will be actioned? Well, of the eight requests we noted last time we checked in with the community wishlist in February, four have been at least partially addressed - weapon reforging, ascension for older gear, more options to exchange materials and currencies, and more variety in bounties.

Bungie has plenty left to reveal from The Taken King and update 2.0, so we can probably expect a few more of these concerns to be addressed in the coming months, ahead of the expansions September 15 launch.

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