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Hellblade will be released on PC - mod support a possibility

Ninja Theory plans to release Hellblade on PC, not just PlayStation 4, the company has revealed to PC Gamer.

Speaking with the magazine, studio head Tameem Antoniades said it's possible that mod support will be offered as well.

“I think PC offers us a level of freedom that we haven’t had before,” he said. “We’re looking at everything we do on this project and figuring out better ways of doing things compared to how the traditional AAA console model works.

"And consoles are following suit with PC, but I think they’re years behind what things like Steam are doing."

Antoniades said Hellblade may possibly support 4K resolution along with mod support. The studio also wants players to get their hands on the game, so a PC beta could be part the game's near future.

"If we want to do an open beta right now, it’s a little bit trickier to do that [on consoles]than on PC," he continued. "Playtesting is a huge thing for us. Usability testing, getting people hands-on to try things out, get feedback, then roll that back in and improve the game... it’s always been essential for us to do that.

"Not every publisher has let us, because of the secrecy that goes into consoles and publisher-based businesses."

The full interview with Antoniades is featured in the latest issue of PC Gamer which goes on sale January 15.

Hellblade was announced by Ninja Theory as a digital title for PlayStation 4 at gamescom 2014.

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