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Halo Infinite seasonal update, Co-op, Forge all delayed until near future

Announced via head of creative Joseph Staten on Twitter, several large content updates have been pushed back.

Some sad news for Halo Infinite fans out there, especially those looking for the next big content update. According to head of creative on Halo Infinite Joseph Staten, information on a seasonal roadmap, Co-op, and Forge modes have been delayed.

The tweet (embedded below), comes just after the initial rough self-set deadline of January for these updates, and as you could expect has left a portion of the community feeling a tad disappointed with the lack of news. However, in the same post the importance of this update is assured, leaving us with hope a significant update on all the above features will be coming soon.

Regardless of this delay, Halo Infinite is already a huge success for both 343 Industries and Microsoft as the game was the biggest launch in the series’ history. That being said, it didn’t kick off with the the smoothest start. Upon release of the similarly popular multiplayer beta last year, many issues arose regarding the progression systems that became a focal point for the community.

These have now been largely addressed, with tweaks and adjustments being made as early as a week ago with the announcement that credit rewards will be added to the season two battle pass. With these issues becoming a central focus for the team during the early months of the launch, it’s feasible that this would have caused rippling delays to future updates.

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In the meantime, Spartans out there will have to hold fast for a little longer, and keep their cat ears perked for new information in the coming weeks.

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